Smokin’ BBQ Wood Chips

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We offer a variety of wood chips & chunks to bring out the perfect smoky flavour in your BBQ. Including apple, beech, citrus, olive & oak, you can find the right wood for whatever meat or flavour you’re smoking. 

When smoking or grilling anything, the type of wood will greatly influence the final flavour. Here are a few suggestions for pairing different types of meat with specific types of wood;


If you’re smoking a pork loin or tenderloin, using a fruitwood such as an apple or olive will impart a slightly sweet and fruity flavour to the meat; leaving you mouthwatering. Try our Applewood smokin’ chunks and Olive wood smokin’ chips or chunks today and start experiencing pork like never before. 

You might be looking for a mild & slightly nutty flavour to pair with a pork belly, if that’s the case, our Beechwood smokin’ chips & chunks will take your BBQ to the next level and leave your taste buds tingling. 

For the best-smoked beef or bison, a strong smoky flavour will really bring out the flavour inside. Perfectly paired with our oak smokin’ chips or chunks, choose either a brandy or whiskey aroma depending on what flavour you’re seeking. 

If you’re smoking venison or elk meat, many people like to pair it with a sweet & slightly fruity flavour; use Citrus wood smokin’ chips and try a truly enriched taste. 

Poultry pairs perfectly with fruitwoods such as apple, citrus or olive, imparting a slightly sweet and fruity flavour to the meat. Especially with duck, smoking with sweet wood will help to offset any gamey tastes. From chicken & turkey to duck & quail, we recommend our Applewood smokin’ chips and Olive wood smokin’ chips or chunks.

If you’re looking for a milder and slightly nutty flavour, our Beechwood smokin’ chips & chunks are ideal.

From a classic smoked salmon to a smoked lobster, many kinds of seafood pair perfectly with a fruitwood such as olive or citrus. Bring out the sweetness with our olive wood smokin’ chunks & chips - for a more distinct fruity taste, try our Citrus wood smokin’ chips

If you’re looking for a milder & slightly nuttier taste, try our beech wood smokin’ chips; people often like to pair this with trout to enhance the naturally nutty flavours.Smoked tuna steak works really well with a strong & smokey flavour; try our oak brandy or oak whiskey barrel chips depending on the taste you’re after.


Everything You Need For The Complete Cook-Out

We have a variety of smoking supplies to choose from including smokin’ chunks, smokin’ chips and BBQ grill planks. Our smokin’ chunks are perfect for long smoking sessions, and if you’re not out for long, our smokin’ chips will be ideal for you. Our BBQ grill planks are great for adding a fragrant wood smoke flavour to your food, and our cooking firewood logs are great for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Our wood is sustainable and contains no added chemicals or artificial flavours. They’re easy to use too, simply soak the wood for at least 30 minutes before grilling or smoking and add it to your charcoal or gas grill for a delicious smoky flavour.

We also have different package size options so you can have the perfect amount for your next backyard BBQ or camping trip. Whether you’re a seasoned pit master or a backyard BBQ enthusiast, our wood will elevate your grilling game and impress your friends and family.


Sustainable Supplier

We source all of our wood from certified sustainable woodlands or wood biomass from wood industries such as the Vineyards of Rioja in Spain, where we use old oak barrels for our range of brandy and whiskey chips and chunks.



How Do You Soak Wood Chips?

We recommended soaking our wood chips in water for around 30mins. Then add the soaked chips to a smoking box or directly into the charcoal in the BBQ or Smoker. This way the smoke will infuse the food and enhance its flavouring. After all, cooking is all about how good the food tastes.

For information, check out our
guide on how to use wood chips on your bbq.

Can I Reuse Wood Chips?

Providing your wood chips are in good condition, you can use them again for another BBQ. Simply store them in an airtight container and soak them again before using them. It’s important to note that wood chips start to lose their flavour the more they are used, so if you’re wanting to repeat the same taste each time, use fresh wood chips.

Enhance the flavour of your food with our Smokin’ BBQ wood chips that will leave your taste buds tingling in excitement. Smoking meat brings back the fun of cooking outside while also providing a variety of flavours. And that’s only the beginning; once you’ve mastered the technique, progress to smoking seafood, vegetables, and even pizza! 

We are sure you will find the perfect wood to complement your next BBQ or smoking session. Browse our selection today and experience the true smoky flavour of real wood.

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