Swedish Torches

How Do You Put Out A Swedish Torch?

Light & Portable Swedish Torche


Our Swedish torches are designed to be light & portable which makes them ideal for the campfire. For a single log, they offer a great amount of heat and will light up outdoor gatherings to create a perfect campfire ambience. Not only do they create the ambience, but they are also ready for any campfire cooking; whether you’re toasting bread, boiling potatoes or frying up your breakfast. 

Our large torch has a burning time of around 2 hours – ideal for a few campfire cooking sessions. If you have a large gathering and want to keep the fire going, our tall torches will be a perfect addition, burning longer than 3 hours per log.

To keep the fire going all night, we offer discounts when you order in greater quantities – buy more and enjoy savings of more than 50% across the range. 



How Do Swedish Torches Work?

The firelighter is hidden in the hole at the top of the firewood, and when lit, it creates an instant bonfire with controlled burning. Our torches can be used for a variety of purposes, including lighting for events, parties, campfires, and cooking. They are a great option for prolonging those summer or spring evenings that you don’t want to end.


They are not only a great source of heat and light, but they can also be used as a tool for outdoor cooking. The torch is useful for a variety of tasks, including boiling water and toasting marshmallows. Our Swedish torches can meet all of your requirements in a single log. Because the Swedish torch logs use such a small amount of wood for such a long burn, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to gas and disposable BBQs.


If you’re new to Swedish Torches, check out our complete beginner’s guide which walks you through everything you need to know. 


Sustainable Supplier


We work from Ridge Farm in West Sussex, offering a wide variety of wood products for cooking and heating. From the company’s beginning, we have kept the same ethics. We process local logs from Surrey and West Sussex from managed woodlands and estates with clear woodland management programmes for replanting and felling. Any wood or wood products we import, such as olive wood, come from authorised and managed farms or woodlands, and we undertake full due diligence in ensuring all the wood we use is from managed and sustainable sources.



How Do You Put Out A Swedish Torch?

A Swedish torch fire can be put out by pouring water and earth over the embers until there is no longer any smoke, which signifies that the fire has been put out. Give it another soaking in water and mud once it has stopped smoking as a precaution.

For more information, be sure to read our Swedish Torch complete beginner’s guide.

Why Are They Called Swedish Torches?

The Swedish torch was invented by soldiers in the 17th century during their 30-year war. Because firewood was scarce, soldiers had to be resourceful in terms of preserving wood while providing heat and light. As a result, this made the Swedish torch an excellent and sustainable choice, even today.



Keep the fire burning with long-lasting Swedish Torches. Whether you’re making life-long memories with the family or camping on your own in the wilderness, there’s no better way to stay warm & toasty than around the fire. Ideal for cooking anything from roasted marshmallows to a hearty stew, Swedish torches are easy-to-use, versatile and ready to illuminate the darkness to create the perfect ambience.

Check out our large and tall Swedish fire logs below and buy in time for the holiday. 

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