Frequently Asked Questions


Home Heating


How should I store my logs?

We would always recommend removing the logs from the packaging and stacking either in a well aerated log store with a rain proof lid but one open side facing away from

prevailing winds or inside, stacked in a suitable log holder.


How do you dry the kiln dried logs?

We are a biomass approved supplier (BSL), all our own wood waste fuels our biomass boiler which in turn heats 2 large kiln drying ovens.

The wood is cut and split into aerated large metal crates which are then loaded into the ovens where warm air circulates around them for upto 4 days to force the moisture

level below 20% for the optimum burn.


What volume of wood do I need?

This will depend on the type of wood, the efficiency and size of the stove and the area you are heating it will be a bit of trial and error at first however our best selling

package is 1.2m3 kiln dried logs, find them here


Can I burn logs in a smoke controlled area?

Yes you can from an authorised supplier like us Woodsure and Ready to Burn approved having demonstrated and proved our logs are from sustainable sources and

dried to a low moisture content below 20%, vastly reducing emissions.  For legal certainty you should use an approved Stove you can find a list of appliances here


Is burning logs bad for the environment?

Firewood is a totally renewable source of energy.  The carbon emitted when burnt is reabsorbed by newly planted trees in the forests. We only source our wood from

sustainably managed forests with a clear replanting process.  Also our logs burn so efficiently due to their low moisture content, did you know…. we heat our

kiln drying ovens using a biomass boiler to ‘clean air standards’ using all our own wood waste.


What does hardwood mean?

This is the density of the woods used in producing the log , the denser the wood the more they burn hotter and for longer, great for keeping the fire going.

Hardwood and softwood logs have different benefits. Softwood is great for building the fire along with kindling to get the fire going and upto temperature fast.


What does loose and stacked volume mean?

We sell our firewood in loose volumes rather than stacked volumes and apply a stacked ratio of 1.5 to the loose volume. This means a 1.2m3 load is received as a

loose load of wood, and will stack in a wood store to approx. 0.8m3


BBQ Grilling


Are your Charcoal products completely natural and are there any additives?

Yes, lumpwood is natural wood created by burning with a lack of oxygen to simply carbonise the wood.  Our Charcoal Briquettes are formed using a natural maize starch.


How do you light Charcoal?

Use either our Organic Firelighters  or the natural Wood Wool ones.  We would always recommend using a chimney starter or to make small pyramids of charcoal, placing

a firelighter under each pile and allowing plenty of air flow through your grill.


How do I know when it’s safe to cook on the Charcoal?

Once the flames have died down and the ⅔ of the charcoal has turned a whitish grey colour and there is an even temperature.


Do you sell Restaurant Grade charcoal?

Yes our Premium range, both the Gourmet and Professional is all restaurant grade meaning it has been crafted using the densest wood giving a hot, long and more

controlled heat and longer burn time.


What Charcoal should I use for long and slow cooks?

We would recommend either our Premium Professional Lumpwood especially when using a ceramic BBQ and for real authentic woody smoky barbecue flavour or

our Charcoal Briquettes, both with a 3-4 hour burn time.


What’s the difference between Lumpwood Charcoal and Charcoal Briquettes?

Lumpwood is natural carbonised wood so the lump will be different shapes and sizes giving different intensities of heat and flavour.  Charcoal briquettes are made

from using wood biomass shavings formed into regular cushion shape lumps binded using a natural maize starch, they will give out an even heat, more controlled temperatures.


How do I use the smokin’ chips and chunks?

The chips are a great way of smouldering some extra flavour onto your cook. Soak them in water for at least 30 minutes (the longer the better), drain and then carefully

put handfuls onto the charcoal grate using some suitable tongs (and heat proof gloves)  either at the start of the cook or about 15 minutes towards  the end to sear the flavour.

You can also use the Smoking Chips on a gas grill using a smoker box or foil pouches with punched air holes.

The Chunks can be used dry or soaked, add a few lumps to the charcoal throughout the cook, they will give a deeper flavour for a longer cook, ideal when using a smoker or

ceramic barbecue grill.




Do you deliver on specific days?

No as we deliver nationwide, we just aim to deliver within 5 working days, however this can extend upto 8 working days during periods of exceptional demand


How can I recycle the packaging?

Yes all our packaging is fully recyclable.  We also really like to reuse as much as we can so the barrow bags can be collected on the next delivery or posted back to us,

let us know if you are sending something back so we can credit the postage on your next order


How long does delivery take?

We aim to deliver within 5 working days, however this can extend upto 8 working days during periods of exceptional demand


Can I collect from you?

Yes, Monday To Friday we are open for collections please just let us know the day before you intend to collect so we can have everything ready for you,